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Creative Carnivals & Events has always been known as the “Entertainment Specialists” in Kansas City.  This is why so many notable clients that include the KC Royals, KC Chiefs, KC Live Block and so many more have trusted us for their live entertainment.

In our changing times, we have brainstormed on how to keep our party and event customers safe.  We have focused on how we can continue to offer live entertainment.  Since we are able to entertain for you in any location, there are many options to consider for more personal events like birthday parties, block parties, and family reunions.  Magicians, Jugglers, Stilt Walkers, and even Fire Performers make for a great show for any age.  As spring approaches and weather gets nicer, many of these options can be offered in your own driveway or possibly in a rented space like a city park shelter.  Many indoor spaces are available to rent that offer a lot of space for entertainment and activities.  CC&E can help you find your ideal location. 

Church Festivals, Company Picnics, School Carnivals, and carnival alternatives are our specialty.  Any of the entertainers mentioned above can easily be adapted for a large scale, socially spaced event.  DJs keep your party going with your style of music, plus help maintain the flow of the event by making announcements and guiding your guests through your event itinerary.   

If your event leans towards a more one-on-one experience, we are able to safely accommodate that too.  Our Caricature Artists have been incredibly popular.  The artist is distanced, and while wearing a mask is able to draw your likeness and provide your guests with an awesome take home favor.  Air Brush Tattoo Artists are also an easy entertainment offering.  Wearing masks and gloves, they can do a full color tattoo with many styles and themes to choose from at a quick pace.  Another quick turnaround performer is our skilled Balloon Twisters.  Whether you are planning a drive through event or entertainers placed in stations, everyone loves a balloon creation of their own.  Our company and entertainer goal is to assist with making your event safe and fun. 

You can’t forget about our mascot entertainers.  A visit from our Easter Bunny is perfect for creating family memories at home, your neighborhood HOA event or at your church.  We are looking forward to our Santa visits this year, as well.  We have all the holidays covered if you are looking for ideas to have fun photo ops and interactions with season’s special guest.

Please keep in mind all of our entertainers are fully insured and use the safest products on the market.  We not only provide fun, but also the best service possible.  We want to make sure all your entertainment needs are met.  Creative Carnivals & Events is not just bounce houses and inflatables. We are Kansas City’s live entertainment specialists!

Santa Claus

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I thought it would be fun to do a “Did You Know” about CC&E. This gives you the opportunity to get to know us better as a company & what we stand for.

Lets start with the basics. Did you know that when the owner, Sondra Wilson had her last child 28 years ago, it kick started her career in this industry? CC&E was founded in 2000. Seven years prior, Sondra was the co-founder of Party Adventures, where she did many theme parties such as Western, Princess, or Pirate.

In 2000, I decided to tackle the inflatable industry on my own. Our children were small, so working the business was tricky. We rented a warehouse slot in KCK to start off. We would go there on Thursday nights (with kids in tow) to load the one truck we had. A nice young man named Aaron, from Midwest Nazarene would run the jobs on the weekend. We still keep in touch on Facebook. I kept track of my jobs with a Month At A Glance and actually mailed all our contracts. Keep in mind there was no emailing or data bases 28 years ago.

When I first started out, we would bring moonwalks home to clean or repair. Our first Puppy Moonwalk was in our garage to be cleaned. While working in my office which was upstairs on the second floor of our home, my son at age 8 went around to the back of our home, opened the garage, put the moonwalk on his skateboard and pushed it up our driveway. He went back down got the blower and an extension cord, put them on the skate board and brought them up, too. He properly attached the blower motor, plugged it in and sat on top of the moonwalk as it inflated.

Imagine my surprise when I saw him ON TOP of the inflated moonwalk, about 10 feet in the air looking straight at me in my 2nd floor window. He’s screaming, “I can’t get down”. Not a forward thinker at age 8. I flew down the stairs and made sure he got down without injury. In thinking about what happened, I couldn’t punish him since he was so creative on how to get this accomplished.

Now my son is too big to ride on top, but I’m thrilled he still loves our inflatable world. We are so thankful he works with us to this day.

When I created my company and logo, the internet didn’t exist. Then the time came to “find my website”. As you can imagine, Creative Carnivals and Events is awfully long to type in for a search. My logo had the “&” symbol which you can’t use. How do I fix this problem? In a way, my problem fixed itself. Sondra has always been a very hard name for people to remember. So on a job set up one day, someone asked, “what’s your name again?” I said, just call me the “Carnival Lady” because I knew it would be so much easier to remember. I did a search and boom, was available. Also, if you see the website on our trucks going down the road, you can easily remember what you saw.

I know in the world of “branding”, this is conflicting. I’ve tried to come up with something different, but I actually love my “Carnival Lady” title. Our name describes exactly what we do.

CC&E is truly a family owned business. I started this solo in 2000 but in 2012, my husband Kevin left his corporate world to run my warehouse. Yes, our marriage has survived working together. To be honest, we don’t see each other as much as you would think. The business is housed in a 7500 sq ft building and my husband moves so fast, you can’t track him down. His nicknames include Mighty Mouse or the Vapor. Mighty Mouse because for his size, he can move large pieces. The Vapor because I truly can never find him. I can look though the entire warehouse and I usually find him where I started looking to begin with.

My son and daughter in law are also an integral part of the business. Scott works with his dad in the warehouse. His wife Becca works with me in the office as our Talent Coordinator. When it’s busy, you can often find us at the local restaurant for a 9:00 pm dinner.

Although I’ve mentioned my “relatives” I would want everyone to know that I consider all my employees family. We have all been working together through all of the challenges our times have brought. If you want to support family owned, small businesses, we would appreciate your kind support. We can offer you an endless supply of fun from our family to yours.

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Most folks don’t realize, but in the manufacturing of inflatables there are good and bad manufacturers.  There are also good concepts and bad concepts in the design. There are key factors in designing a safe water slide.

One concept I believe is a poor design is how some water slides are made.  Most have a pool at the end of the slide.  Here are the reasons that I feel this is a bad design.

  1. Even grass can be a hard landing surface.  Most companies don’t even bother to put pads underneath the pools so the landing could be dangerous at best. 
  2. It takes longer to exit a pool area, which allows more time for the next child to come down and possibly collide with another child.
  3. Highest on my concerns is the construction of the pool walls.  The baffles (or sides) are 15” in width.  Most small children cannot step over this wide of a pool wall. The only other option is for them to step on it.  Wet feet and vinyl will create a dangerously slippery situation when they put their weight on top of this baffle.  It is very likely the outcome will be for the child to slip off the top of the baffle and hurt themselves landing on the ground or worse yet, a hard surface like a driveway.

Safety standards of water slides are extremely important. The benefits of the slides in Creative Carnivals & Events inventory…

  1. No landing pools.  There is an elongated slide base to slow the slider down and they can easily scoot off the exit of the slide.
  2. Our slides are all double/separated slides.  This aides in safety of the sliders and you can increase the number of participants per hour.
  3. Our inventory of slide styles enables our customers to choose the slide that specifically fits the ages of those using them. 
  4. After each rental, the water slide is set back up and cleaned thoroughly to ensure no mold and mildew develops.

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As we are progressing through the stages of reopening, we have been busy here at Creative Carnivals & Events ensuring you are entertained safely.

In our last blog, we mentioned how we are taking extraordinary measures to ensure our inflatables are sanitized.  Our courteous drivers will also be wearing masks and payment can be made online so your delivery is contact free.

There is no need to be concerned. See how we can also provide entertainers for your event…

Face Painting

Since this art practice is known for close personal interaction, we have created the Protective Paint Procedure.  This system implements all new practices of painting while maintaining the quality Creative Carnivals & Events is known for.  Contact us for more detailed information.

Balloon Twisters

Masks will be worn during your event and the balloons will be blown up with an inflator.

Caricature Artists

Distance of 6’ can easily be kept while they draw your likeness.  They will wear a mask during your event.

Air Brush Tattoo Artists

Masks and gloves will be worn by these artists and stencils will be cleaned between each use.

Stilt Walkers and Jugglers

Entertainment options which can be viewed from afar but, if roaming through crowds we will be wearing a mask.


They will keep a distance of 10’ ensuring they are safe since they would not be wearing a mask to entertain.  There will be no direct contact with any children.

Other Safe Entertainment Options

Henna Tattoos, DJ’s, Matte Tattoos, Crazy Hair and Metallic Tattoos

You can see we are still able to continue to make each event safe and memorable.  Please support our small business and contact us today for your next celebration.

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The last couple of months have been interesting to say the least.  We’ve been cooped up in our homes or going to work seeing only the same people every day.  It’s like living in an alternative universe or watching an incredibly long movie that never seems to end.

At Creative Carnivals & Events, we have observed the “stay at home” order being a non essential business.  Bookings in April and May have cancelled (mostly our school events) or postponed to later in the year.  I’m so excited for the high schools that have moved their proms or grads to summer dates.  We want to ensure they come out of this with special memories.

So then you ask, how do we “bounce back” and start entertaining again.  We have thought long and hard about your safety and how we can bring fun back into your lives.   What have we done?

  • Sanitized each and every inflatable in our inventory (there are at least 300 of them)
  • Created a list of inflatables that will need little to no sanitation between uses
  • Sending sanitizing spray out with all inflatables and games along
  • Changing suggested play rules to decrease exposure
  • Created phased packages to match the number of allowed participants
  • Provide non contact or masked/gloved entertainers (many options available)
  • Created sports and carnival themed packages for all ages
  • Encouraging distanced events such as drive in movies with our oversized screens
  • Offer large air dancers as awesome attention getting front yard decoration

All of these options still include some of our most popular rentals.  We are anxious to put a smile back on the faces of all children and adults who are ready to have fun again.

Please know, your safety is always our first priority and we look forward to working with you to create a memorable event!

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Fall ushers in with numerous festivals. While Halloween, Columbus Day celebrations and the subsequent Thanksgiving festivities are integral fixtures of the calendar, there are innumerable other festivals held throughout the fall all across Kansas City. From music fests to food and drinks, celebrating arts and culture to different types of fairs, the city puts up a grand show every time it is expected to. This fall, you can plan your events and festivities easier and faster with the help of a great party rental company in Kansas. Creative Carnivals and Events make carnival and festival planning fun!

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I’ve always had a love for entertaining and an entrepreneurial spirit.  When asked, I say that as the Carnival Lady I truly have the best job in KC.  Who else gets to have conversations about Giant Hamster Balls, Mechanical Bulls, Moonwalks, Super Hero face painting and chocolate cotton candy all in one day?

With approximately 20 employees and over 100 entertainers, my team performs over 1300 company picnics, school carnivals, church festivals, block parties and private events each year.  We perform inflatable rental and event planning all over the Kansas City area and Midwest.   This couldn’t be accomplished without the help of my husband Kevin running the warehouse, a great team of drivers and fabulous office staff.  Our most notable clients include the Royals, Chiefs, Cerner and Power & Light Family Fun Days, just to name a few.

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Consider the amount and versatility of food trucks in our area. Food truck vendors offer a huge variety of possibilities including ethnic foods, carnival treats, healthy items and, of course ice cream and deserts.   And it seems like every day there are more types of food trucks available in our area.

The nice thing is that no matter what you are looking for, amusements and food trucks work well together.

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When you plan an event you’re going to want to make sure that it’s something everyone will remember. An inflatable game is a great addition to any type of party, whether it’s for a birthday or an anniversary. There are plenty of reasons as to why renting a bounce house is the right decision for your event. OR, you can choose an inflatable interactive game which is a phenomenal team-building tool for corporate functions.

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Are you tired of the same old boring summer events? Company picnics that no one wants to attend? How about block parties that are more work than enjoyment?

So, what do you do? We all know inflatables can be fun but are they really safe these days? And aren’t most kids tired of the standard moonbounce?

Surprisingly enough, the popularity of moonwalks in Kansas City is really high each year. This might be due to the fact that most Kansas City inflatable rental companies consider safety to be the most important type of their business.

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