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Most folks don’t realize, but in the manufacturing of inflatables there are good and bad manufacturers.  There are also good concepts and bad concepts in the design. There are key factors in designing a safe water slide.

One concept I believe is a poor design is how some water slides are made.  Most have a pool at the end of the slide.  Here are the reasons that I feel this is a bad design.

  1. Even grass can be a hard landing surface.  Most companies don’t even bother to put pads underneath the pools so the landing could be dangerous at best. 
  2. It takes longer to exit a pool area, which allows more time for the next child to come down and possibly collide with another child.
  3. Highest on my concerns is the construction of the pool walls.  The baffles (or sides) are 15” in width.  Most small children cannot step over this wide of a pool wall. The only other option is for them to step on it.  Wet feet and vinyl will create a dangerously slippery situation when they put their weight on top of this baffle.  It is very likely the outcome will be for the child to slip off the top of the baffle and hurt themselves landing on the ground or worse yet, a hard surface like a driveway.

Safety standards of water slides are extremely important. The benefits of the slides in Creative Carnivals & Events inventory…

  1. No landing pools.  There is an elongated slide base to slow the slider down and they can easily scoot off the exit of the slide.
  2. Our slides are all double/separated slides.  This aides in safety of the sliders and you can increase the number of participants per hour.
  3. Our inventory of slide styles enables our customers to choose the slide that specifically fits the ages of those using them. 
  4. After each rental, the water slide is set back up and cleaned thoroughly to ensure no mold and mildew develops.
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