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A company picnic generally has some specific goals. Of course one goal is for the employees to have fun. But this is also a time of team building; for different departments to interact with each other and for everyone to interact with management.

The purpose of a company picnic can be multi-level. Break away from the corporate shackles and stress to allow team building exercises that weave some magic into the team spirits and fellowship of your employees. There are many objectives of a company picnic.

Kansas company picnic activities must be planned well in advance. This is especially true if you want to take advantage of the great offerings around the area. Corporate event activities can be very simple or really extravagant. They can be thought inducing or sheer mindless fun. The focus is entertainment and recreation, but events that induce a sense of bonding is generally the most specific goal.
CC&E specializes in planning Kansas company picnic activities. You can visit the site of the company and get a fair idea of what they have to offer. What you can’t grasp with a quick visit to the website is the wealth of experience and superb customer service they offer. Although CC&E started with party rentals, it has grown into a company that plans and organizes all kinds of events.

It goes without saying that CC&E is the local expert on corporate event activities. Providing services for the entire package, from children’s activities, to entertainers to team building games for adults.
Of course there are always basic games like inflatable bounce houses, and kiddie carnival games. Offering inflatable obstacle courses and giant enables the older children to have fun too. And of course, adults also like to have fun and what could be more fun than a mechanical bull? CC&E offers giant inflatable sports games and rides which can be fun, engaging and can also facilitate team building.

CC&E specializes in planning unique entertainment and recreational corporate event activities. For instance, you may opt for stand up acts which will thrill the guests. We also offer face painting, airbrush tattoos or even have a glitter tattoo artist for the kids.
The objective is to ensure that there is never a dull moment throughout the entire event. CC&E can ensure that you have the most rocking picnic that engages all leaves everyone with memories that will last all year.
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