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I thought it would be fun to do a “Did You Know” about CC&E. This gives you the opportunity to get to know us better as a company & what we stand for.

Lets start with the basics. Did you know that when the owner, Sondra Wilson had her last child 28 years ago, it kick started her career in this industry? CC&E was founded in 2000. Seven years prior, Sondra was the co-founder of Party Adventures, where she did many theme parties such as Western, Princess, or Pirate.

In 2000, I decided to tackle the inflatable industry on my own. Our children were small, so working the business was tricky. We rented a warehouse slot in KCK to start off. We would go there on Thursday nights (with kids in tow) to load the one truck we had. A nice young man named Aaron, from Midwest Nazarene would run the jobs on the weekend. We still keep in touch on Facebook. I kept track of my jobs with a Month At A Glance and actually mailed all our contracts. Keep in mind there was no emailing or data bases 28 years ago.

When I first started out, we would bring moonwalks home to clean or repair. Our first Puppy Moonwalk was in our garage to be cleaned. While working in my office which was upstairs on the second floor of our home, my son at age 8 went around to the back of our home, opened the garage, put the moonwalk on his skateboard and pushed it up our driveway. He went back down got the blower and an extension cord, put them on the skate board and brought them up, too. He properly attached the blower motor, plugged it in and sat on top of the moonwalk as it inflated.

Imagine my surprise when I saw him ON TOP of the inflated moonwalk, about 10 feet in the air looking straight at me in my 2nd floor window. He’s screaming, “I can’t get down”. Not a forward thinker at age 8. I flew down the stairs and made sure he got down without injury. In thinking about what happened, I couldn’t punish him since he was so creative on how to get this accomplished.

Now my son is too big to ride on top, but I’m thrilled he still loves our inflatable world. We are so thankful he works with us to this day.

When I created my company and logo, the internet didn’t exist. Then the time came to “find my website”. As you can imagine, Creative Carnivals and Events is awfully long to type in for a search. My logo had the “&” symbol which you can’t use. How do I fix this problem? In a way, my problem fixed itself. Sondra has always been a very hard name for people to remember. So on a job set up one day, someone asked, “what’s your name again?” I said, just call me the “Carnival Lady” because I knew it would be so much easier to remember. I did a search and boom, was available. Also, if you see the website on our trucks going down the road, you can easily remember what you saw.

I know in the world of “branding”, this is conflicting. I’ve tried to come up with something different, but I actually love my “Carnival Lady” title. Our name describes exactly what we do.

CC&E is truly a family owned business. I started this solo in 2000 but in 2012, my husband Kevin left his corporate world to run my warehouse. Yes, our marriage has survived working together. To be honest, we don’t see each other as much as you would think. The business is housed in a 7500 sq ft building and my husband moves so fast, you can’t track him down. His nicknames include Mighty Mouse or the Vapor. Mighty Mouse because for his size, he can move large pieces. The Vapor because I truly can never find him. I can look though the entire warehouse and I usually find him where I started looking to begin with.

My son and daughter in law are also an integral part of the business. Scott works with his dad in the warehouse. His wife Becca works with me in the office as our Talent Coordinator. When it’s busy, you can often find us at the local restaurant for a 9:00 pm dinner.

Although I’ve mentioned my “relatives” I would want everyone to know that I consider all my employees family. We have all been working together through all of the challenges our times have brought. If you want to support family owned, small businesses, we would appreciate your kind support. We can offer you an endless supply of fun from our family to yours.

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