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Party rentals have become imperative in most events these days. Whether it is a birthday party or a carnival, a corporate retreat or a festival, inflatable bounce houses, obstacle courses and slides are a huge part of all types of events.  When it comes to party rentals Kansas City residents and corporate managers do not have to be confined to the conventional inflatable bounce house. There is so much more available for party rentals in Kansas City.

CC&E brings to you a plethora of KC party rentals that includes everything from an inflatable water slide to unique types of inflatable bounce house, sports games and rides, entertainment programs, food services and midway games.  Fortunately, there is a complete turnkey service that takes care of every setup, installation and disassembling of the setups post the event.

The choices you have at your disposal are categorized according to their type of entertainment. In the category of inflatable party rentals Kansas City residents can opt for moonwalks, obstacle courses, slides, mazes, interactive courses and games, combos, challenge racing, crawl through courses, trackless train and extravagant inflatable courses for young kids.

In the category of sports based party rentals Kansas City residents can opt for jump n score, slam dunk, air volley ball or dodge ball, pick n play sports arena, nine hole mini golf, giant hamster ball bowling, giant hamster ball racing, defender dome, scooter bowling, human foosball, basketball, horse racing, scooter racing, challenge jousting, sumo wrestling, field goal challenge, bouncy boxing, football challenge, monster hoops and many more.

CC&E also offers some unique entertainment options, including stand up acts for adults and face painting for kids, among their selection.  You also have the choice to opt for a wholesome catering service or you may choose fun foods which can be anything from popcorn to cotton candy. There are many unique entertainment ideas put forth by CC&E and you can choose from their selection depending on the type of event, the age group of your guests and the eventual purpose of the party or event that you are organizing.

CC&E is also a party planner and organizer which is a huge help when you’re not sure just what steps to take as you plan your event.   Let the experts at CC&E help you with organizing the perfect event.

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