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Are you concerned that a bounce house might not enough for your next party?How about trying an obstaclecourse instead? Obstacle courses offer a little more excitement than just bouncing around.  And a little friendly competition is always fun.  You can even do team relays with an inflatable course.

Inflatable Multi Obstacle KC

Inflatable obstacle courses from Carnival Lady can be set up almost anywhere.And there are a lot of options to choose from, so you can pick a course that is age appropriate and which will be able to handle the demands of your large, rambunctious party crowd without any problems. Because most inflatable obstacle courses are built for continual play, they can handle a quite a few people at once. And commercial grade inflatable games  can takethe beating that party goers will inevitably dish out while staying sturdy and safe for all.

If your crowd consists of little ones, the Playtona Speedway is a perfect choice.SO is the Fun Run Single course. Both provide enough challenge to get the blood pumping and get a child’s imagination racing without presenting anything that will be unsafe for little ones. These courses safely challenge children to a workout that will hold their attention a lot longer than an ordinary bounce house.

Got an older crowd at your party?Try the Wild One Quad Slide that mimics a real roller coaster! Four can ride at a time climbing one side and sliding down the other. Got a bigger crowd, CC&E has got slides and obstacles to entertain them all! Our Adrenaline Zone provides un-matched entertainment. The Adrenaline Zone plus is the biggest of its kind in all of Kansas City and has both

small slides and big slides. The only issue with this inflatable game is that you may have to tell the adults not to cut in line!

If your crowd seeks a greater athletic challenge, choose our 55-foot obstaclecourse that includes tunnels, post obstacles and a climbing hill that ends with a slide. It’s the perfect training ground for the next-generation American Ninja. And it can even fit inside a small gym if the party is held indoors. Like all other obstacle courses offered by CC&E, the 55-foot obstacle course will inflate in about one minute!

Get info on all the CC&E obstacles by visiting their website:

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