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Consider the amount and versatility of food trucks in our area. Food truck vendors offer a huge variety of possibilities including ethnic foods, carnival treats, healthy items and, of course ice cream and deserts.   And it seems like every day there are more types of food trucks available in our area.

The nice thing is that no matter what you are looking for, amusements and food trucks work well together.

If you’re planning a food truck event (and this is become more and more popular) you just sit down and decide what types of foods you want to offer. The variety of products you can offer your guests is tremendous. Once you’ve decided on your food truck choices, you can very easily choose your entertainment and activities. Of course, that can be done easily with a quick call to your favorite Event Company. Hopefully that will be Creative Carnivals & Events. We can help you choose carnival games, Inflatables, Interactive Games and even rides that will compliment the food trucks for your event.

And obviously it works very well if you’re planning an event from an entertainment point of view. Choose all of your entertainment and amusement activities. Plan your space and then add the food trucks that you think your guests will enjoy.

Can you imagine a company picnic that offers food trucks as part of the meal? Generally at picnic events the meals are planned according to the amount of guests expected. But the addition of food trucks can offer that excitement that comes from a “carnival” type of atmosphere.

And for those of us that want a party that’s truly unique, why not consider a food truck event for your neighborhood get together, church or school event. Think of all the things your guests might love and bring them into the event. Add your inflatables & games and you’ll have an event every one will love.

If you’re a little confused about what too offer your guests, visit a local fair, festival or carnival and you’ll get the idea of what’s available.

CC&E LOVES being part of food truck parties. If you’re interested in adding more to any type of event, give us a call and we’ll help you choose the BEST games & rides to suit your needs. Food Trucks + Inflatable Games and Rides = FUN!

Interactive Games and Rides in Kansas City are the Best!

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