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Finding a DJ in Kansas City is a cakewalk. A quick search online, an enquiry on social networks and a look around will get you more details than you need. But what you have to be certain of is whether you are hiring the best Kansas City DJ or not.

There is obviously no consensus, forget unanimity, as to who is the best DJ in Kansas City. There are many good ones and you need to choose one who would be ideal for your event, would fit in your budget and would deliver a performance that you desire. The job of a DJ is as much to perform as it is to get others to groove.

Here are some tips to find the ideal Kansas City DJ for your event.

  • First, take into account the kind of event you are having. DJs often have specializations. Someone maybe good for weddings while some may be appropriate for birthday parties, you have to make a shortlist based on what you need. Some DJs have multiple specializations and in such a scenario explore their portfolio to know what kind of events they perform at regularly.
  • When you get the portfolio of a DJ in Kansas City, look for relevant images and videos. These days, furnishing details or offering old school portfolios are passé. You need images of events of the DJ performing and you should ask for videos. That would give you a fair idea of what a Kansas City DJ does and is capable of. Don’t just settle for claims.
  • Talk about the music. What kinds of tracks do you like, what kind of music the DJ plays and if you cannot find a common ground or if you don’t share the same taste in music then it is better you look for someone else. Usually, a professional DJ would be able to play any music you want but if a DJ in Kansas City is passionate about the type of music you want to be played at your event, then it is the best scenario for you.
  • Ask a Kansas City DJ for a written contract. How many hours the DJ would perform, how many songs would be played, what kind of equipment the DJ would bring along, who pays for what as in logistics or lights and everything that is needed for the event. Having a contract will do away with assumptions and ambiguity.

One simple way to hire a KC DJ is to let Creative Carnivals and Events do the work for you. They do the research and find talent guaranteed to make your event a success. You can find more information about hiring a DJ in Kansas City at

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