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Are you tired of the same old boring summer events? Company picnics that no one wants to attend? How about block parties that are more work than enjoyment?

So, what do you do? We all know inflatables can be fun but are they really safe these days? And aren’t most kids tired of the standard moonbounce?

Surprisingly enough, the popularity of moonwalks in Kansas City is really high each year. This might be due to the fact that most Kansas City inflatable rental companies consider safety to be the most important type of their business.

But the other reason for the popularity of inflatable rentals in KS is the enormous variety of games and rides that become available each year.

With so many new inflatable games and rides each year, you’ll want an expert to help you choose what works best for your event. For instance, a moonwalk isn’t all that attractive to a teenager. However, a mechanical bull can be a HUGE hit.

And you won’t want just one or two games. Choose games that compliment each other and carnival rides and fun foods that build the excitement even more.

But always keep in mind the moto “safety first”. When you call a vendor, that she be one of the first items you discuss. A good vendor will ask questions about the age of the participants, goal of the party planner, what kind of space, power and ground cover will be available.

The your planner will help you plan exactly what you need from the start to the finish. And if you happen to run into a company that is willing to just drop everything off at your event and leave you to set it up and run it, you’ll want to RUN, don’t walk, as far away as you can.

Here are a few more tips for renting inflatables and moonwalks in Kansas City:

• Always try to deal with a vendor that has dozens of options in their inventory. With limited options, you wouldn’t just be confined to a few choices but you would also be unable to have a blend of different kinds of inflatable games. Given the possibility that you may want more than one inflatable, which may also be a compulsion given the potential footfall at the event, you would want a combination of different inflatable and moonwalks in Kansas City. A vendor that doesn’t have many options will be more likely to have the same kind of inflatable games. The last thing you want is the same concept or the same type of inflatable lined up in slightly different forms, colors and sizes. That is not a desirable scenario. Check the inventory, look for diversity and only then consider a vendor for inflatable and moonwalks in Kansas City.

• Before you make your final decision, ask your vendor about the space requirements, get the exact measurements or dimensions, get to know the features and how the inflatable units will be managed at the site. The number of kids the unit can endure at a time, the max threshold and safety features, everything must be assessed. You should also talk about installations and un-installation of the inflatable amusment rides and games at your event.

• Finally, you must inquire if the installations can be customized. Depending on the type of event you have, if there is any need for branding or company advertising, you may want to have your logos, some special picture or just some level of customization to make the installations unique and to have them blend in with the venue or the kind of setting you wish to have.

Inflatable Games and moonwalks will still be a part of your planning for 2016. But do it right this year. Find the best party rental company to fit your needs and let them help you plan the most popular and safest event your guests have ever seen.

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