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The other day we got a call from someone interested in renting a mechanical bull for an event. I took all of her information and quoted her a price and she laughed and told me she could get it for substantially less from another company.

I started asking her questions about what she was getting and by the end of the conversation she understood that she probably wasn’t getting a very good deal at all.

When you are renting from a mechanical bull riding company, there is a lot of information the company should be giving you. If they don’t offer it, then you need to ask.

Here are some questions that are really important:

One of your very first questions should be about insurance. Does the company have insurance on their bull and how much? Then go a step further. Ask for a company of their insurance certificate.

Has the bull been certified for your state? When was it last inspected?   Can they furnish you with a copy of their permit for your state?

Note:  Kansas doesn’t require an inspection but almost every mechanical bull operator in the area also works in Missouri.  Missouri DOES require an inspection so you can ask for a copy of their Missouri permit.

What kind of bull do they have?

What kind of safety features does the bull have?

  • Automatic shut off?
  • Soft Horns?
  • Padded head?
  • An inflatable landing pad with a wall, at least 10 ‘ in diameter?
  • Is the base of the unit completely padded?

Is an operator included in the price? What kind of training has this operator had? Are they old enough and well trained enough to stop someone who shouldn’t be riding the bull?

How long have they been operating the bull?

Where is the mechanical bull located? Is the delivery fee included in the quote?

What power requirements are required?

How much space will be needed?

Has the company ever done an event like you are planning?

These are just a few questions you’ll want to ask. Listen to the answers and don’t hesitate to ask more questions if you need to. In the case of the woman I spoke about at the start of the post, she very quickly realized that her inexpensive mechanical bull rental came at a cost.

  • The company couldn’t prove insurance
  • The company didn’t have a permit to operate in Kansas
  • The bull didn’t come with an operator. They dropped it off and very quickly “trained” someone who was at the event.
  • The bull didn’t have an auto shut off and only had a very small landing pad.

Creative Carnivals and Events has operated bulls in Kansas for almost longer than I care to mention. And we aren’t always the cheapest. But we can give a positive answer to every one of those questions above.

Shop around when you are renting an item like this. But just remember, cost isn’t all that matters. Sometimes it’s much more costly to go with the cheapest vendor. Entertaining guests is important, but always consider safety first! You want your event to be perfect. Our mechanical bull can help you achieve that goal. For more information on renting our mechanical bulls, give us a call or visit this page: /product/mechanical-bull/

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