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It’s that time of year for the annual company picnic and, of course, you’re trying to plan the best event possible. Instead of relying on the same generic sandwiches from the local deli, potato sack races, and horseshoes, it’s time to jump into the future and take advantage of inflatable rentals. With the help of these interesting and unique items in Kansas City, you’ll find that company picnic planning will be much easier than ever before. Of course inflatables have changed a lot over the past twenty years. You’ll be amazed at some of the items offered for your enjoyment.

Cater to Adults and Children

Entertainment is essential for everyone that is attending your company picnic, especially if you’re opening the guest list to your employees’ families as well. With the help of inflatable rentals in Kansas City you’ll easily be able to bring a new edge into your generic company picnics. With the use of obstacle courses you’ll entertain both children and adults alike. They’re also great team building exercises, especially if you’re interested in helping your team bond together. Moonwalks and bounce houses are great for kids that need to burn off some extra energy, along with inflatable slides. There are even young child inflatables available for younger children who can’t be involved in too much interactive activity.

Keep the Kids OccupiedWhen it comes to company picnic planning you might want to plan it so that your employees can talk to each other and get to know everyone at a deeper level. This is another reason as to why you should look into inflatable rentals such as mazes, interactive games, and crawl throughs as they help to keep the kids entertained while the adults talk to each other. Even if you find that the people who attend the picnic aren’t interested in talking all day, they can also have fun with the challenge racing inflatables and obstacle courses.

Safety is the First Concern

When you choose to hire a professional Kansas City inflatable rental company you’ll be getting the best of the best, which is imperative for business owners that are going through the task of company picnic planning. When the inflatables are set up they are as secure as possible to make sure that everyone using the entertainment will be able to have fun without worrying about personal harm or danger. You will have a team of professionals to set the equipment up, monitor the equipment while it is being used, and to take down the equipment at the conclusion of the event.

Make your company picnic planning easy, safe and fun. Give the event specialists at Creative Carnivals and Events a call!

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