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When you plan an event you’re going to want to make sure that it’s something everyone will remember. An inflatable game is a great addition to any type of party, whether it’s for a birthday or an anniversary. There are plenty of reasons as to why renting a bounce house is the right decision for your event. OR, you can choose an inflatable interactive game which is a phenomenal team-building tool for corporate functions.

Entertainment is Always the Key

There are dozens of things that go into planning an event, but you’re going to want to make sure that there is some sort of entertainment for your guests. Aside from eating scrumptious food and mingling with other attendees, your guests are going to want something to look forward to. Choosing a themed bounce house will help tie your event activities together and it’s sure to be enjoyed by all the kids. Inflatable slides, inflatable interactive games & other inflatables will enable even adults to get in touch with their younger selves.

Keeping Children Entertained

If you’re throwing a bash where the parents might want to talk to each other and have some adult time throughout the day, you can easily keep their children entertained with the help of a bounce house. That way they are in a monitored environment while the parents can watch their children enjoy the party while they socialize with friends or co-workers. They will greatly appreciate the quiet time and how tired their children will be after playing with their peers all afternoon.

A Variety of Choices Makes Entertaining Easy

When you start thinking about a moonbounce or any other attraction you will find that is an enormous choice for your entertainment in 2016. You will easily be able to find models that fit into your theme, whether you want a train-inspired inflatable or one designed to mimic Candyland. These choices also give you options in terms of the activities that you want to offer to your guests. For example, instead of choosing a traditional bounce house you can also find challenge racing inflatables, crawl-throughs, mazes, and other interactive games that can bring the whole party together.

Choosing to rent a bounce house in Kansas City for your next event can help you to throw the party of a lifetime. With the wide variety of inflatables to choose from, your guests will appreciate the time and effort taken to take your event to the next level. From corporate functions to family get-togethers, there’s always the perfect inflatable for you.

But…Are Inflatables In Kansas City Safe?

Despite some of the news articles, inflatable bounce houses are becoming more and more popular every year. Unfortunately, this popularity has made many new operators “jump on the bandwagon” looking for a quick profit. With the availability of so many operators, it is reasonable to wonder if all games are safe enough for your event. When you consider that it’s our friends, family and co-workers using these inflatables, any part of planning an event should be looking into the security of the games and rides.

Are inflatable bouncers in Kansas City indestructible? Of course not but they are not fragile either. However you rarely see an inflatable accident caused by the inflatable falling apart UNLESS you find yourself renting a non-commercial grade inflatable like those sold at Walmart, Costco or other retail sales companies.

Inflatables can be very safe as long as some responsible guidelines are followed.

• Let’s begin with a simple reality check. Inflatable bouncers in Kansas City should be installed by the vendor who is supplying them. You must ensure that the company sends out its experienced technicians to do the installation. Many companies market their DIY kits and say that you can set up your own inflatables to save $$. While you can always try that, what is the guarantee that you would do it right and not make mistake? The best inflatable companies require that the games are set up by their employees so that they know they are secured properly with the proper power that is required for the unit.

• Ensuring that the installation is perfect is the first checkpoint on your part. But, consider the size and ages of your crowd. Is your inflatable large enough for older children? If not, then you will need a bigger bounce house or some interactive games suitable for teens.

• And how about after the inflatable is installed. ALL inflatable games need constant adult supervision. This means an adult who is not drinking, or socializing. The adult supervisor (or more if necessary) will be at the opening of the game to restrict the sizes and amount of participants. The supervisor should also check to make sure the inflatable is securely anchored throughout the day.

If you think back to some of the news reports you’ve seen, flying inflatables are probably the biggest danger to users. If your inflatable is anchored properly with the correct size of stakes or sandbags, that will solve most of the safety problems however NOTHING can hold an inflatable down in high winds. The MINUTE you think the winds are picking up (and you can usually see the wind restrictions right on the safety instructions on the inflatable) you should shut the game down completely. Once the wind has died down it will be ok to plug the power back up and let it go.

The three major issues we see with inflatables operated by inexperienced rental companies are:

1) The inflatable wasn’t anchored correctly
2) The power wasn’t the proper amount for the inflatable or the cord was set up where people could trip on it and shut down the power
3) The supervisor let too many people on the ride at once OR let different sizes play at the same time.

All of these potential issues are solved when you hire a party rental company who has been in business for years, has great references and can show you proof of insurance for their company. Saving a few dollars is NEVER worth the risk of someone getting hurt at your event.

CC&E is PROUD that we follow the exact policies needed to prevent accidents for our clients. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss our inflatable policies with you.

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